Sensual Massage for Curious Adventurers

There are many different types of massages and fascinatingly, of course, there are several kinds of sensual massage variations. Well, yeah, sensual massage types are more pleasing and satisfying than regular massages, but it is not only about the sexual pleasure. The main purpose of this type of massage is to release built up tension and strain of the recipient’s body. It also relieves sexual pains, release sexual muscles, and helps you to sleep like a baby. Below are some of the most popular sensual massage types. If you have significant other, these kinds of massages would be an exciting and adventurous way to explore each other’s body. Also, it definitely will bring you closer to each other physically and spiritually. If you both feel lazy and want to try something else, you can always have sensual couples massage session.

Body to body Nuru sensual massage

Both masseuse and customer are unclothed during nuru massage session. Nuru means “slippery” in Japanese. Basically, the therapist uses her/his whole body to massage the customer. Special oil or nuru gel is used which is odorless and tasteless. During session, you will feel your whole body getting relaxed. Every touch will awaken your senses and you will be fully aware that your body is surging with energy. It is absolutely wonderful and exiting experience. Standard session time is sixty minutes, but if you feel like you need more relaxation, you can always extend the session.

Four Hands sensual massage

Four hands massage is truly luxurious. Two therapists will give you a sensual massage. Also, this type of massage usually leads to more relaxing nuru massage. More than that, it will be a whole new experience watching two people massage you at the same time 😉

Tantric sensual massage

Tantra is also known as science of ecstasy. The massage is originated in ancient India, a well-adjusted fusion of yoga and sex therapy. Anyone who is having problems with sexual prowess can benefit greatly from this type of massage. The purpose of this massage is to stimulate sexual energy, both physically and spiritually. Tantra massage is all about feelings of relaxation and recipients should not expect to reach sexual climax.