Nuru Massage

What is Nuru Massage
Nuru massage is kind of sensual massage that started from Japan. In fact word nuru, which means slippery. You and your masseuse will engage in full body massage contact for the purpose of relaxing the body as well as stimulating sensual appetite. You will both be naked during the session, so that you feel unconstrained when the oil is applied on your body. Your masseuse will use just baby oil instead of traditional sea weed jel to keep your bed clean.
It’s worth trying
Massage has been recognized in many countries for the benefits that it gives physically and mentally to a person. It heals mind and body. Apart from healing, the nuru massage offers goods thing in many ways. It also aids in health and recovery, it releases tensions and pain. 
How Do I Do Nuru Massage?
Once you are oiled up, simply explore dragging and gliding your body across your lover’s skin. Here are some nuru massage tips:
  • Use your arms to support your body weight as you glide to create lighter sensations.
  • Release more body weight into your lover’s body to create deeper pressure.
  • Emphasize your breasts and nipples as they drag up and down your lover’s skin.
  • Add in little love bites as you glide 
  • Explore gliding up and down both sides of your lover’s body.
  • Tease your partner by gliding everywhere but the genitals, until you have built up lots of anticipation. Then start gliding across your lover’s most sensitive parts.