Hotel in Room Massage for Couples

Most blissful Quality time with your Loved one

Couples massage is incredibly relaxing and intimate experience. During couples hotel in room massage session, two of our therapists would come to your location within thirty five minutes after you made the call. So, basically, two people receive massages at the same time from two therapists in the comfort of your own hotel room. Sounds really intimate and discreet, huh. The couples hotel in room massage offer same benefits as the other types of massages, but with some more added advantages.

Couples hotel in room massage strengthens your bond with whoever you are having massage with

Couples massage is an intimate, shared experience that heartens the recipients to bond closer. The couples does not necessarily have to be “romantic” couple. Mothers and daughters and friends are welcome to go for couples massage for some quality time together. While shedding those stress. You can use the session catching up, or just simply unwind and enjoy your shared blissful experience in restful silence. Even though you do not speak to one another, the fact that you both are having the same experience will bring you closer.

Couples hotel in room massage gives you increased comfort

Unlike experienced regular massage goers, some first timers might find having massage by some stranger in unfamiliar environment quite uncomfortable and intimidating. Couples hotel in room massage session allows our clients to experience massage with someone they know and comfortable with, in the privacy and coziness of their own space. In the right environment, you can be completely relaxed throughout the session thus enjoying all the benefits of the massage to the fullest. Also, as we are open 24/7, no matter how busy you are, we will  always be available to fit in your and your partner’s frantic schedule.

Couples hotel in room massage types

The fact that you are having couples massage does not mean you have to have exact same massage. There is, actually, no such thing as one solid couples massage. Just sharing the experience together makes it couples massage. You can choose to have any kind of massage that meets your certain condition and need of your body. And your partner also can choose to have whole different kind of massage. This way, you can get complete and comprehensive treatment while spending some quality time with your partner. Most massages have similar benefits. They reduce muscle pain, improve blood circulation, enhance immune system and many more. Knowing that your loved one is also having this heavenly experience right next to you is the bliss of the couples massage.